I feel so overwhelmed today. Feeling irritated and exhausted from too much social interactions last week.

I felt inspired after the second therapy session (which I will write about later) to make some changes and to force myself to be brave to approach random people for a chat. I went for a conference and challenged myself to do just that and instead, I ended up not being able to say anything. Luckily I was with a few friends who introduced me to people and I was able to talk to them albeit still feeling awkward. At least I can celebrate for not hiding in the bathroom! An achievement for me really..

I went for a meeting which I have been avoiding for the past couple of months.. again, I met new people but they turned out to be a nice bunch so it was really comforting. And then there was Eid preparations, celebrations and my mom’s birthday dinner… all these led to my mood spiralling into irritation and exhaustion.

I think these few days have been very overwhelming indeed and I crave for solitude. When N approached me about something she is going through lately, I feel guilty because I don’t have the capacity right now to care for other people. I need to get away from people and to have someone cling on to me at their difficult time will only make me more irritated. I’m not sure if I can… :/