I met my bestie for a rather unexpected Super Soul Sunday today. I think out of all my friends, she’s probably one of the few who *really* understands me well. We have known each other since 4 years old so we grew up understanding each other’s fears and issues with family, friends and school.

The two books that we frequently quote from are by both Browns – Jeff Brown and Dr Brene Brown so we had a deep discussion on shame, vulnerability, joy.. something which people don’t understand unless they have read these books themselves.

One lesson which I can takeaway from our super soul Sunday is that:

Do not hustle for worthiness. Sometimes we find that in order to fit in, we become social chameleons so that others can accept us. What we forget is that, we are enough the way we are but at the same time, perfectly imperfect. Our flaws make us unique and to change for the acceptance of others is to basically lose our individuality. Our worthiness is not tied to whether people accept our true selves or not.

I’ll add more another time.. I have to plane to catch soon 🙂