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Acceptance vs Forgiveness
• There is a difference between accepting and forgiving.
• Came a long way of accepting that she will remain the way she is
• Can I forgive her actions? Do I want retribution for her? Who do you think should punish her?
• What do I really want? For her to acknowledge her mistakes. But we obviously have different values because she will not admit to her wrongs and I will not forgive otherwise. I said that it will be difficult to forgive especially if this is happening daily.

Social Anxiety linked to M and my childhood
• There is a difference between the three countries that I am in. (Outgoing in A, a bit more reserved in M and worst in S). What are the triggers? Why? How differently do I think when I am in these 3 different countries?
• What do I tell myself each time before I leave the house to meet my friends? That I just don’t bother because it’s too much of a hassle?

Values vs Needs
• How do I balance between what I need and my values? What do I need exactly?
• Do I want and need physical activities and friendships VS respecting NM and forgoing my needs? For example, I want to live in a different country for my mental health, but my values are that I want to give back to my P (and staying in S means possibly forgoing my needs). When you don’t balance between needs and wants, it will eventually affect our health.