I did something different today.. especially when there is an opportunity to be out alone 🙂 The quaint cafe nearby serves single origin coffee which to my surprise, I don’t really enjoy that much now considering I used to brew Ethiopian coffee beans every morning. Do you know how lovely that coffee beans roasting smells emanating the whole house especially on winter mornings? It was my daily pick me up then before heading out. If there is one thing on my bucket list would be to learn how to make good coffee.

By the way, the Thai Milk Tea cake was pretty average although it looked yum. The Milk tea didn’t exactly stand out. The Iced Mocha wasn’t that great either although I could taste the coffee. I miss good coffee in M and A!


Thai milk tea cake and Iced Mocha

I came back home a few days ago feeling despondent about the future. What the heck am I going to do for the next few months if I’m jobless? I hate the thought of not doing anything intellectually stimulating (except for reading). It must have been pms because I was suddenly feeling like this life is meaningless if all I’m going to do is to sit at home, do some housework and help take care of the kids. I don’t think it’s anything wrong if anyone actually enjoys these – but, I am the sort who needs to be up and about to change the world (haha! Too ambitious I know).

I just need to refocus right now – pick up new skills (I’m thinking baking!), learn a language, volunteer, try a new sport.. Staying positive is also one of them. I’ve been feeling shitty about not getting a job which pretty much suck because I can’t do the things that I want to do.

What are your New Years’ resolution that you are working on?