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Excited to announce that I’m finally blessed with a job 🙂 The news came in couple of days ago and I was surprised that I was even offered the job considering how unimpressed the director was with my resume and (lack of) experience. So yay! I’m starting the following week. Irony is that if I actually chose to do my internship in investment banking in London, I would be starting the same day. I got a job in an investment company.. which is even better.

I told T in my progress report that I am trying to keep myself busy. The truth is, no matter how I try to distract myself from thinking about being jobless, I still can’t help but think about my situation. I think being jobless is tough especially when your peers are already working, financially independent from parents and making future plans whilst you are still sitting around wondering when will the job come. That sitting around is probably the most helpless one can feel.

To make things worse, my brother who is an ass decides that the best way to put me down even more is to rub it in my face about his internship. I have been living in M for 3 years and yet no internship but he got it easily apparently. And as arrogant as he is, he boasted about how he has ‘job security’ after he finishes his (9 years) of bachelors degree and that he can choose to work in about any company he wants. He said it almost sneering at me, that he has job security rather than sitting around jobless. Talk about being an asshole. You know what.. It doesn’t bother me that he is still doing his bachelors for so long, in fact I would be supportive of him. But the fact that he is so arrogant AND condescending, makes me want to hurl insults at him. But I’m not him, so I won’t. It’s not my character to wish bad things on others so I let him behave however he wants because I’ll show him through being successful.

My mom was excited over his stupid testimonial and sorta shoved it in my face to read about how awesome he is. The sad part is that he wrote the testimonial and signed off by the boss. I know my mom is excited and proud for him but I wish she was more sensitive especially since I was jobless. The next day when I received news about this job, I called my sister first and immediately after that, she grabbed my phone to tell my sister about my brother instead. Thanks for stealing my thunder. The testimonial was then brought to show ‘oh so proudly’ to people. Like big deal cmon! I have testimonials too but why aren’t they shown to other people or at least, shove it in his face?

I received the call that I got the job the next day and it just changed everything. The best part is, I got another call the following day for another job offer too. It’s like things are looking up for me. The day after, a message came in asking if I’m interested to join in setting up an NGO in home country to raise money for underprivileged kids. Of course I jumped at this opportunity because this is something I’m passionate in. Honestly, everything seems too good to be true and that part of me feels like something bad will happen. Brene Brown’s book speak exactly about this. I’m taking a step back from worrying and just bask in this moment. Being thankful and praying that I’m able to contribute to the community through my work. 😀 I’m heading to M tomorrow and already looking forward to celebrate!