I’ve been updating my progress as requested by my therapist for a few months now. We initially agreed that we will try this out for 6 months and then eventually terminate it.

Last week, I had to send my progress report to her. I raised the question of how many more sessions we should do before termination… and then with termination, comes the issue of me feeling abandoned. I decided that I rather raise these issues upfront before we finally end the sessions and then having to go through therapy withdrawal.

She replied saying that I would need 6 – 8 more sessions followed by check-ins every 2 months. I told her that the main objective of seeking therapy was for me to work my issues out with regards to the relationship with my mom and whether in her opinion, I am capable to handle it if there are any future conflicts. I have other issues that I need to tackle but chose to not bring it into therapy because I wanted to focus on just one thing at a time. I was confident that she would say that a few more progress reports will do because I feel like I’m coping well. I’m guessing 6 – 8 sessions mean that I still have a lot more work to do. The question is – do I have time to travel to the country just for therapy?

Then the question of interpersonal relationships. I wanted her to know that ending therapy would ultimately mean that it would affect me terribly because I feel quite attached to her now. She replied with questions for me to reflect on but have successfully detached herself from it. I feel like she could do with some personal response instead.. something along the lines of, I understand that this will affect you but let’s try to work through this together. I mentioned that the previous therapist reminded me so much of my friend in A that when she left abruptly, I was affected like I did before. She’s being professional by detaching herself.. but where is the human touch then?

Oh well.. I dislike that therapy is left hanging in the air. It’s neither terminated nor can I attend it.